Rio Grande Du Sol Set Menu (3-Course)

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Choose from one of our signatures Brazilian Steaks and pair it with the perfect appetizer and dessert. Each steak is served with 2 sides!

  • PICANHA : Our signature steak, picanha represents the art and science of churrasco cooking. Lightly seasoned with rock salt and sliced thin, it is tender with a robust flavor. There would be no churrasco without picanha.
  • FRALDINHA: Fraldinha is one of the most distinctive and flavorful cuts of meat from Southern Brazil due to its strong marbling characteristics. Our gaucho chefs carve against the grain to ensure the cut remains as tender and flavorful as possible.
  • ALCATRA: Alcatra is a special cut of top sirloin. Large, long, and lean, this steak is prized for its succulence and a hearty beef flavor. The cut is often used for churrasco, the traditional Brazilian barbecue method. Alcatra is one of the largest cuts that’s served as a part of churrasco.
  • CUPIM: is a rich, marbled, soft, tender, and tasty beef cut unique to the zebu cattle, which has evolved its hump to aid its survivability in hot and dry climates. Cupim has no blood and juice and is found almost exclusively in Brazilian cuisine.
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    Cooking is more than just following that ideal recipe. Instead, it’s a blend of ingredients that complement each other to the point of perfection and combining the right flavors to create a dish that is out of this world. With Brazilian steaks so incredible that you imagine an artisan designed it, to the Churrasco style of cooking that makes it unique, this old steak-grilling tradition slowly flame grills the meat to expose every one of its bursting natural flavors.