Easter Roast
24 hours notice required.

Heartily seasoned with herbs and vegetables, this delicious leg of lamb is slowly roasted until it’s falling-apart tender. Served with a selection of roasted spring vegetables. gravy, and mint sauce.


Easter Roast (24 hours notice required.)

24 hours notice required.

Family Roasted Lamb Leg (2.2Kg - 2.5Kg) - Pre-Order Time: 24 Hours
445.00 AED
A delicious, juicy perfectly cooked fall off the bone roasted Lamb leg…
Lamb Leg Roast 1.9-2.1kg (serves 5-6)
360.00 AED
Heartily seasoned with herbs, this delicious leg of lamb is slowly roasted…
Easter Lamb Roast 1.9-2.1kg (serves 5-6)
395.00 AED
Heartily seasoned with herbs and vegetables, this delicious leg of lamb is…
Family Beef Prime Rib-eye Roast 1kg (Serves 4-5) - Pre-Order Time: 24 Hours
340.00 AED
A delicious, juicy perfectly cooked prime rib-eye roast served with your choice…
Family Chicken Roast (Serves 4) - Pre-Order Time: 2 Hours
220.00 AED
A delicious, succulent chicken roast served with your choice of any 4x…

Easter Lamb Sides

Order 5 sides for 6-8 people

Mint Jelly Sauce (250ml)
35.00 AED
Delicioous, home made, mint jelly sauce (250ml)
Roasted Parsnips (V) (500g)
35.00 AED
Gravy (500ml)
22.00 AED
Our signature Fine Diner Sauce (500ml)
Cauliflower Cheese (V) (500g)
32.00 AED
Served as a side or even as a main (vegetarian!) It’s a…
Yorkshire Pudding (V)(16 Pcs)
25.00 AED
Yorkshire Pudding
Stuffing Balls (V) (16 Pcs)
25.00 AED
Stuffing Balls
Fine Diner Mashed Potatoes (V) (500g)
29.00 AED
Creamy, fluffy and delicious mashed potatoes!
Green Peas (V) (500g)
22.00 AED
Delicious sauteed green peas to go with your perfect roast dinner.
Brussels Sprouts (V) (500g)
28.00 AED
A crispy, smoky, and subtly sweet side dish that never fails to…
Roasted Carrots (V) (500g)
24.00 AED
Roasted Carrots
Roasted Potatoes (V) (500g)
24.00 AED

Easter Dessert

700g per serving

Easter Nest Carrot Cake (V)(N)
95.00 AED
Easter Nest Carrot Cake (V)(N)
Easter Nest Chocolate Cake (V)
95.00 AED
Easter Nest Chocolate Cake (V)

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