What Is Fine Diner

Fine Diner is an online platform that utilizes the kitchens of 5-star hotels and restaurants to create different menu concepts to provide our customers with a fine dining experience in their own homes.
Fine Diner harnesses top-of-the-line kitchen equipment in hotels, as well as their expertise in the culinary arts to engineer the perfect menus specifically designed for delivery.

About the Fine Diner

Sami Elayan

Sami is the CEO and co-founder of Fine Diner. It is a company that provides set menus for customers that want a 5-star dining experience within the comfort of their home. Fine Diner is able to provide such culinary delights by their tech-driven and streamlined approach, which utilizes 5-star and Michelin-level kitchens. Sami has over-15 years of experience developing businesses and collaborating with startups to set up company procedures and processes. Throughout his time, he has been able to acquire some great critical skills. The experience led him to start multiple successful ventures. Sami is a seasoned entrepreneur who is also a natural go-getter with a ‘never-give-up mentality. He is very skilled at structuring deals and negotiations, building relationships, and driving projects forward. Sami was born in Jordan and lived part of his life in the United States before he moved back. He graduated from the Jordan University of Science and Technology with a degree in Architectural Engineering. He applied his skills in art and graphic design on several successful marketing campaigns, which are also the key to his success in all of his ventures.


Zaid Azzouka

Zaid Azzouka is a young and energetic entrepreneur. Being only 32 years old, he has already set up multiple businesses. His forte lies in identifying key sectors that use a refreshed and disruptive methodology to capture market segments from trusted establishments. He runs Qtech Networks, which is a digital media development company. Starting his operations in 2017, he helped Qtech build strong business relations in every sector across UAE. Qtech has been able to expand its outreach to multiple markets and has fully-established setups in 5 countries. With his main operational kitchen placed cleverly in Jordan, Qtech was able to capture the market through highly competitive rates in web development, app development, hosting, networking, and social media marketing. Along with UAE and Jordan, the business also has its operational wings in Armenia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. In his personal life, Zaid is a combination of 4 strong cultural amalgamations: coming from a Palestinian, Jordanian lineage from his father’s side, and of Pakistani, British descent from his mother’s side. He has lived in multiple countries and has received his Honors Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality with a major in Marketing from Cyprus. Also being an avid athlete, he plays a scholarly role in a university as a soccer player. He is also an excellent networker who operates and expands his professional life in a disciplined and determined way.

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Saed had a passion for food even from a very young age. It was no surprise that Saed would take up the opportunity to give his best for at-home food experiences when his brother and co-founder Fine Diner propositioned the company. Professionally, Saed is a mechanical engineer and possesses skills vital to his role at Fine Diner. As the Chief Operational Manager, Saed applied his skills of problem-solving to create logistical packing solutions. He remembers the real purpose of Fine Diner at all times: to bring home the perfect fine-dining experience in a cost-effective manner while maintaining good quality. Other than managing day-to-day operations, Saed pays close attention to the food as well. Therefore, the Fine Diner team ensures that each menu item makes it from their kitchen to the customer’s home in a perfect state.
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Amira, more commonly known as Amy at Fine Diners, initially joined the Fine Diner team in a supportive capacity. After completing her education in the United Kingdom, she moved to Dubai and worked as a project manager and content writer for many prominent and distinctive government projects. Amy is an incredibly skilled content creator who particularly articulates in providing customer care and support. Her naturally easy-going and approachable personality provides comfort and eases to people around her. Her personality allows her to efficiently handle the needs of all customers. Amira comes from a diverse background, born in Saudi to a British mother and a Jordanian father bringing together the best of both worlds. Her understanding of these unique cultures and thought processes gives her impeccable emotional intelligence. Through her skills, she pushes forward all the pending tasks and moves various projects ahead.
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