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To many, fish and chips may seem like a humble offering and a typical staple of Ireland and England. To the truly passionate seafood people like us, nothing defines soul-satisfying food better than fish pieces dipped in batter and fried to golden perfection. And let’s not forget, a hearty serving of fries to go with it. 

The diverse crowd in Dubai seems to be particularly fond of this world-famous food combination. There are many places where you can catch a great meal of batter-fried fish and chips in Dubai. Of course, no one can forget the chunky French fries and the delicious tartar sauce that generally accompanies it. But if4. Irish Vi you’re in Dubai, here’s where you can find some of the most delicious offerings.

1. The Fine Diner Chippy

Fine Diner is one of the fastest-growing online platforms and a unique concept in the culinary sector of Dubai. This chippy place accesses the kitchens of five-star hotels in Dubai, as well as restaurants to curate exquisite menus and fine-dining experiences at home. 

The Fine Diner Chippy is a special menu featuring fish and chips, designed solely for delivery purposes. This diner sources the best fish in Dubai and works with some of the most renowned culinary artists from town to bring you the crispiest, crunchiest, and most delectable fish and chips you’ve ever eaten.

2. Boardwalk

The boardwalk features some of the most stellar views from the creek and if you’re in Dubai during winters, looking for fish and chips, head over here. This place promises the best holiday vibes to soak up, while their terrace is one ideal spot for great seafood and memorable celebrations. 

Boardwalk’s fish and chips Dubai is popular for all the right reasons, what with the piping hot fish in a crunchy casing and hearty French fries it serves always.

3. Bread Street Kitchen

As most of the ex-pats here testify, Bread Street Kitchen is another great place to catch a good helping of fish and chips in Dubai. This isn’t surprising, considering that Bread Street Kitchen is under the ownership of the British culinary genius, Gordon Ramsay. 

Here is where you will always find a generous portion of crispy-coated fish with a side of minted pea puree and fancy French fries on the side.

4. Irish Village

They say the Irish village is UAE’s famous watering hole and we find that an apt description for one of the fanciest pubs in town. This place serves the best fish and chips meal too. At the Irish Village, you can always count on a piping hot cod enveloped in a hops batter and old-fashioned chunky French fries

If you’ve always looked for opportunities to indulge in seafood and some good beer in Dubai, The Irish Village is the place to be.

5. Ibn AlBahr

Looking for a freshly cooked meal of fish and chips in Dubai? Ibn AlBahr is where you can always find it. This place offers one of the most scrumptious servings of battered and deep fried fish with hand-cut French fries. At this place, the fare becomes even more delicious when you eat it right on the waterfront. 

Nestled in the Club Vista Mare, Ibn AlBahr serves you the best catch of the day, which is usually golden-fried king fish.

6. McGettigan’s JLT

When in Dubai, the best way to enjoy a delicious meal of fish and chips is in a pub, with a tall cold glass of beer to go with it. What better than McGettigan’s JLT that holds a record-breaking reputation of excelling in all the classic dishes. 

We can guarantee not only the best fish and chips in Dubai here, but equally delicious mashes, pies, sausages and French fries. The best here is the fish and chips though, with a huge portion of French fries on the side, tartar sauce and mushy peas to complete your trip to nirvana.

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