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A helping of hot chunky French fries is always a welcome sight, along with some of our favorite meals. Whether it’s the all famous food combination of fish and chips or burgers and fries, the meal is never satisfactorily complete till fried potatoes pair with it. 

While we know we must have kicked your taste buds by mentioning everybody’s favorite food combination of fish and chips, we’re here to settle a much different debate. We all love potatoes in any fried form we get them but how many of us secretly wonder what the difference is between a chip and a fry.

It’s not the salt and malt vinegar or tartar sauce that guarantees the satisfaction one will derive from a meal of fish and chips: it’s the form of potatoes that defines it. Today, let’s dig into the differences to tell the two apart and order just how we want our potatoes the next time. 

The Difference between a Chip and a Fry 

At first glance, they look almost the same and of course, totally irresistible. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to describe a chip and a fry as identical in appearance. After all, they’re both a long potato slice, fried to deep-golden perfection. 

But when one orders a round of French fries to go with their juicy burger or crunchy fried fish, they could receive a variety of potato forms. It could either be slim and crispy-on-the-outside while soft-on-the-inside slices of potato, resembling long golden sticks. They might also come in varying thicknesses and lengths. 

Else, you could expect them to come in curly forms, crinkle cut or waffle shapes to you. While the Americans are way more lenient with the different shapes and forms of fried potatoes, the British aren’t that compromising. 

Considering how people term fish and chips as a British staple, one cannot get away by serving an English customer waffle fries in the name of chips. You wouldn’t be able to get away by serving a round of French fries if they ordered chips either. 

At the end of the day though, the primary difference lies in the form the cook gives the potatoes. A chip is basically a skinny thin piece of potato, fried crispy golden. The British however, tend to prefer their chips to be thicker than most American home fries. 

Whatever one may like to call it, we are hands down in favor of any crispy, deep-fried potato-form to pair with our perfectly battered and crispy fried fish. 

Fish and Chips- The Ultimate Dinner Stapled

Perhaps the debate on the difference between a chip and a fry results from the inconsistency in the fries the Americans would serve up. It’s all in the way they cut the potatoes, failing to achieve the order and precision that the British had long since reserved for the two potato forms. 

However, if there is one indisputable fact about the whole scenario, it is the ultimate pairing French fries with crispy fried fish and a hearty tartar sauce. Regardless of whether one cuts and fries it as a chip or a fry, nothing beats the flavor accompaniment of fried potato with batter coated fish. 

Nothing springs so instantly to mind as a huge portion of fish and chips when in the mood for a heart dinner classic. Although humble in nature and appearance, yet there is something deeply satisfying about crispy fish paired with perfectly golden-fried French fries. 

Ask any expat in town and they’d tell you they’d take the magical golden foods, fish and chips in Dubai anytime of any day. There’s no other treat that can satisfy each taste bud quite like this food combination does. 

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