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A cheese board is a perfect appetizer for parties and family gatherings. Even if a couple of friends are meeting for a casual get-together, a cheese board is a fantastic snack. And during the holidays, it is what completes the holiday season. This may be because cheese is a luxurious food item in itself. Not to mention, the different types of cheese carry their own glorious taste.

What’s great about cheese boards is how versatile these appetizer platters are. They easily adapt according to different occasions. So whether it is a cocktail party or holiday soiree, an epic cheese platter is all you need to kick off your event. Remember, the secret to a good cheese board is the variety of cheese and selection of condiments. Fine Diner has amazing cheese board options for when you crave cheese on regular days as well as on special occasions.

Here are the top three cheese board ideas to create the perfect platter.

1.Charcuterie Cheese Board

When it comes to cheese or charcuterie boards, people often tend to get confused between the two kinds of platters. However, they are both different based on their ingredients. While a cheeseboard refers to a selection of various cheeses served with condiments, a charcuterie board serves meat with condiments.

A great thing about the two is their versatility in terms of condiment pairings. Both the charcuterie and cheese trays have some sort of condiments, which can easily make up a charcuterie cheese board. You can use cured meats as food condiments for your cheese board if that’s what you and your guests prefer. Remember, there should be more cheese, in terms of amount and types, than the number of condiments.

You can choose hard cheeses, such as aged cheddar, parmesan or manchego. Or, you can go for the soft cheese options, like brie and stracchino. Other cheeses, like blue cheese and goat cheese, are fantastic options for a platter. For the meat part, salumi and cured meats work best. Other options include mortadella, prosciutto, and chorizo.

2. Holiday Cheese Board

Is the holiday season even complete without at least one cheese boards dinner night? Since the cheese board is such a popular holiday appetizer, it is best to create a holiday-themed cheese board for festive parties and dinner nights. This holiday season, make sure that your cheese board is not a regular one!

You can make a festive cheese board at home or order one from Fine Diner. What makes a cheese board festive is the selection of cheese types as well as the condiments. It should be no surprise that the holiday season is all about delicious treats and colors. 

An impressive holiday cheese board should have a wide variety of cheese, from hard to soft and blue to cheddar. Not to mention, look for delicious and colorful condiment pairings, such as fruits and crackers as well as chutneys and nuts.

3. Chocolate Cheese Board

It may not be a popular cheese board variant, but it’s definitely a favorite for some. While a holiday cheese board works best for festivities like Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve party, a chocolate cheeseboard can make a regular day super festive with a platter loaded with sweet and savory.

The savory taste of cheese and sweetness of chocolate make an excellent combination, whether you’ve always favored the two together or are just interesting in trying something new. Not to mention, it is also an impressive dessert platter for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day. You can never go wrong with cheeses, chocolates, extras, and some wine. Not only is it pretty to look at, it tastes delicious as well.

You can include all your favorite cheeses, as well as variations of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. If you wish to be more experimental and adventurous, you can also have fun with different chocolate flavors like caramel, sea salt, and orange. Don’t forget to add in nuts, crackers and fruits.  




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