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It is not a surprise that Christmas dinners are much more than just delicious food. Apart from ordering some delicious Christmas food, setting and décor play an important role in hosting a memorable Christmas dinner. The festive dinners are incomplete without appropriate Christmas décor, which can do a lot to bring a cheerful excitement to the table. You may be planning to arrange a Christmas party at your place for loved ones. While organizing a holiday dinner looks like fun, it can be quite stressful too. After all, it is one of the biggest and most important meals of the year.

To ensure that you set up a wonderful Christmas dinner, you will need to make a few preparations. This includes the small tasks of setting the space and the more complicated ones, such as perfectly setting the table. The following methods should help you get started.

Christmas Dinner

Pick a Theme

While the main theme for a Christmas dinner is all about festive bling, you can choose from many additional themes. If you wish to stick to the classic Christmas dinner themes, don’t forget to add your own fun element. Doing so can instantly amp up your dinner setting and leave your guests in awe. Incorporate classic color combinations of red, green, and white but don’t forget to use eye-catching elements and designs as well. You can go for a warm, welcoming vibe or opt for something fancy. 

However, you can still add the traditional Christmas touch to other kinds of themes as well. If you wish for a more unexpected theme at this year’s Christmas dinner, don’t hesitate to take the risk. For instance, you can totally opt for a darker theme for your Christmas dinner. However, make sure to add some hint of shimmery silver or gold to your charcoal tones.

Christmas Party

Set the Table

Correctly laying the table setting for formal dinners such as for Christmas can be a daunting task. But if you do it right, your Christmas dinner will end up being a huge success. Setting the table is an important Christmas tradition, so how can you ensure that you make no mistakes? Let’s see how you can correctly lay the table setting for Christmas.

  • Determine the number of guests and leave an even amount of space between seating places
  • Place the plates for the main course in the center of each set
  • Place the utensils in the order of use, from the outside towards the inside
  • Set the forks on the left side of the plates while the spoons and knives go on the right side
  • For side plates, place them on the left side with a folded napkin on top
  • Bring the other plates later on with each course
  • Place a wine glass and a water glass at the top right corner, just above the knives and spoons

Focus on the Details

The décor does not have to stay limited to the Christmas tree or the walls and ceilings. You can bring the bling to the table by using décor items and even Christmas tree ornaments to set your dinner table. If you make sure not to overcrowd the table and add a few ornaments, it can elevate the look of your dinner table. Not to mention, decorating the table is also a lot of fun at the same time.


You can choose between fancy or subtle decorations. From adding ornaments to the table to tying ribbons around wine glasses, there are numerous options to choose from. On the other hand, there are so many different things you can do if you would like to be a little extra with your table setting. You can add a lovely sweet touch by presenting your guests with a small table gift. For the décor, you can use baubles as a centerpiece or display them in a glass vase or bowl. You can also use decorative branches and pinecones or add handwritten name tags on each setting.


The perfect Christmas dinner is all about delicious food and festive settings. Fine Diner is a UAE-based concept that brings a 5-star dining experience to the comfort of your home in less than 2 hours. You can now invite your friends and family over for Christmas dinner and throw a magical dinner party

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