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As one of the oldest man-made foods, cheese first originated in West Asia, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. This is because the making of cheese comes with two geographical conditions: a suitable landscape and a warm climate. The landscape is important to the availability of cattle, goats, and sheep, while a warm climate helps the milk to curdle. 

Archaeologists trace the prevalence of cheese back to as early as 3500-2800 BC. In that sense, it could be called timeless because it still knows how to please a crowd. And thus, cheese lovers came up with the idea of cheese boards.

What are Cheese Boards?

To start off, let’s clear up that cheese boards are not the same as charcuterie boards. We often notice people confusing charcuteries for cheese boards and vice versa. So, what exactly are cheese boards, if not a variant of charcuterie boards?

Cheese boards are fun and experimental food trays that involve the pairing of different food condiments with cheese. While charcuterie boards were made to add foods to the meat trays that would complement the meat items, cheese boards are quite the opposite. Cheese boards come with side pairings that complement the cheese. 

Cheese boards have two very special traits that make them so loveable by foodies around the world. The first thing, you ask? CHEESE BOARDS ARE BOARDS FULL OF CHEESE! Secondly, these plates full of cheese are so versatile that you can literally make them work for any occasion, from a picnic to a girls’ night out or even at family Christmas dinner. It is the most welcoming food platter for any kind of get-together. However, we know that people get our cheese boards to try on their own as well. 

Festive Cheese Board

We think there is nothing better than having a cheese board on a regular Tuesday to make it special. Or, you can also enhance the festive cheer with our Festive Cheese Board. Not to mention, we provide cheese board delivery as fast as under 2 hours across Dubai.

Types of Cheese used in Cheese Boards

While there are no restrictions to the cheese being used in a cheese platter, restaurants follow a general rule of thumb for that. A cheese platter looks and tastes best when there is cheese from every family included in it. By this, we mean all kinds of cheese: soft, aged, blue, and firm. 

Soft cheese types include Brie, Camembert, and Goat, while Manchego, Edam, and Parmigiano-Reggiano fall under the firm category of cheese types. On the other hand, aged cheese options can be Gouda, Aged Cheddar, and Gruyere. Blue cheese such as Stilton, Gorgonzola, and Roquefort are favorites on a cheese board.

The mild to wild cheese board at Fine Diner, as well as the festive cheese board make use of good quality cheese of all kinds and come with condiments like crackers, olives, chutney, and more. 

Festive Cheese Board

Cheese Pairings

What’s another interesting thing about cheese is that you can easily pair it with savory as well as sweet condiments? Not to forget, different kinds of breads and charcuterie also go perfectly on a cheese board. 

  • Savory: Almonds, cashews, spicy mustards, roasted peppers, pickles, olives
  • Sweet: honey, chocolate, dried fruits, seasonal fruits
  • Meat: mortadella, prosciutto, salami, chorizo
  • Breads: bread sticks, crackers, baguettes 

Cheese Presentation

It is true that the cheese is what makes cheese boards increasingly popular among foodies and cheese lovers. However, we believe that presentation plays a major role in convincing foodies to accept cheese boards as their go-to for normal weekdays as well as special occasions. 

On a cheese board, different cheeses are served in the form of cheese wheels, log cheese, or rectangular cheese.

How Long Can a Cheese Board Sit Out For?

Generally, you should not let your cheese board sit out for more than two hours’ time. However, that is not a hard and fast rule as most cheeses are still safe to eat after the given time frame. Not to mention, you can take some steps to make them lost longer as well. For instance, you can wrap and refrigerate hard cheeses to consume later.  

Wrapping Up

Fine Diner is a UAE-based restaurant that can fulfill your cheese cravings with its delicious cheese boards. They deliver in less than 2 hours across Dubai. Not to mention, fine diner Dubai also offers other food options that you can choose along with your cheese board delivery Dubai.

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