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5 Reasons We Love Cheese

Come on, think real hard and name one person that doesn’t love cheese (no medical reasons)!

Did you manage to think of someone? If you have, how dare they not enjoy cheese and all its cheesy greatness. How many foods can you think of that taste good raw, semi-cooked, fully cooked, or burned?

I, for one, cannot… I can, however, list reasons why we love cheese…

It’s good any time of day.

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Few foods work for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a snack, or party entertainment. Yup, cheese is one of those foods!

You know, cheddar cheese takes your breakfast omelet to the next level. Your lunchtime Cesar Salad will never taste right without that sprinkle of Parmesan. And what dinner pizza would be right without the mozzarella cheese?

Let’s not forget Nachos with cheese dip as a movie time snack. Or the intimate party favorite, the Cheese Board!

Now that you’re thinking about Cheese Boards, check out the Fine Diner Mild to Wild Cheese Board here.

If other foods needed a forever best friend, it would be cheese.

We all know it – Cheese goes with everything, literally! Cheese makes the blandest of dishes come to life. Here are a few things that taste better with a cheesy BFF:

  • Cheese on toast
  • Mac and cheese
  • Onion or Tomato Soup with cheese
  • Any salad you can imagine comes to life with a little bit of cheese.
  • And our favorite Roast Dinner side dish: Cauliflower and cheese! Order your next Roast and Caulifower cheese here.

Countries have different cheeses, so eating cheese equals learning about cultures.

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We mostly link countries to cuisines and drinks, but cheese is just as cultured too. Yup, you smiled at that pun.

Fancy a trip to Switzerland, grab a slice or two or Gruyere Cheese. Or maybe you’re dreaming of the Eifel Towner in Paris – Brie cheese will have you putting on your best French accent. Maybe you’re imagining people taking that iconic picture with the Leaning Tower of Piza in Italy; bring out your Pecorino cheese and let the daydreaming begin!

The saying goes: around the world in 80 days. Well, how about around the world in 80 Cheesy bites!

With over 650 types of cheese, there’s something for everyone.

Fine Diner Cheese Board
Fine Diner Cheese Board, Mild to Wild

What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

With so many options, how can one decide?! There’s cream cheese, cheese wheels, hard cheese, soft cheese, stinky cheese, aged cheese, and so much more.

Just thinking of all the cheeses has got me wanting to visit a cheese room… Google search commencing!

You… yes, you… can make your own cheese!

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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that making food from scratch can be fun!

So, why not try out this video we found on YouTube and have a go at making homemade cheese!

There are plenty of reasons to love cheese – let us know why how cheese makes your life better on our Facebook page.

Have a cheesy day, Fine Diners!

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