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Well… it comes as no surprise to learn that Covid-19 put a halt to many established and establishing businesses around the globe. 

Where there is hardship, there is opportunity. 

Fine Diner Team
The Fine Diner Trio

This is something that Chief Executive and Co-founder, Sami Elayan, truly believes. He viewed the crisis as a chance to prove resiliency and fill in a void that existed outside of the pandemic. 

Sami, along with his brother, Saed Elayan, and friend, Zaid Azzouka, began their business journey with the hope to curb surplus foods created by hotel buffets, restaurants, and cafes. As the epidemic turned pandemic, the trio quickly adapted and scrapped their original business model, BoxIt, and created Fine Diner. 

While researching and studying the original business model, the three businessmen learned that the food delivery industry needed a change. It needed a delivery service that leaves customers happy. 

Rediscovering and reinventing food delivery services.

Fine Diner Packaging
Food Packaging that works.

Food delivery exists, yes. But, a delivery experience that left customers feeling satisfied, that was an almost incomprehensible element. It was this realization that led to an unheard-of business model. 

The Fine Diner team created a platform for high-end restaurants to offer their food without using the restaurant’s brand. A concept that at first glance seems odd. 

Food delivery applications like Talabat, Zomato, Go Food, and Deliveroo allow any restaurant to join its platform. However, customers will shy away from ordering food for a high-end restaurant and paying for the in-store experience. Fine Diner bridged that gap, allowing these restaurants to offer different cuisines and their own at affordable rates. 

The team created an opportunity for restaurants within the food and beverage industry that didn’t exist before.

Creating a well-rounded food delivery service. 

Food Delivery
A Fine Diner food delivery experience.

Now that the concept had made a 180-flip, the partners needed to revisit their delivery options. 

They started by asking the chefs about food and what would be “delivery safe.” They learned that some things just could not be delivered, while other items had easy packaging workarounds. This process slowly built the easy to use Fine Diner packaging to ensure the food’s quality, temperature, and aesthetics. 

The next step was to find a logistics company that would work with Fine Diner to uphold the perfect food delivery experience. After some research, trial, and error, the team found SwftBox. A company that holds the same values as Fine Diner and works tirelessly to perfect the all-around home delivery experience. 

Feedback, reviews, and open-ness are the way forward. 

Fine Diner Testimonial

“The issue with most delivery services today – be it food or otherwise – is the lack of human contact and human understanding. I mean, everything works well when it’s all smooth-sailing, but one hiccup leads to a disaster. Having someone at the end of the phone to talk to makes a world of difference!” – Sami Elayan. 

Fine Diner as a concept works, but driving the engine is the co-founders who are hands-on and constantly learning. 

The National interviewed Fine Diner amidst the pandemic lockdown to learn more about how a young start-up was coping; head over to the article to learn more about the Fine Diner journey. 


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