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We get asked this question a lot: What is Fine Diner?

To be 100% frank and blunt, this is a tough question to answer. The short answer is Fine Diner is a platform that replicates a Fine Dining experience in the comforts of your home.

Fine Dining Indian Food Dlivery
Fine Dining Indian Menu

Often that answer leads to a lot of confusion because it leads to questions like:

  1. Where are you located?
  2. So you’re like Talabat, Zomato, and Deliveroo?
  3. Are you licensed?
  4. Do you cook in our home?
  5. How does it work?

So, let’s try to explain things a little more clearly.

What does Fine Diner actually do?

Fine Diner Table Setting
Fine Dining Table Setting

In a way, Fine Diner connects networks. We connect experienced chefs with our customers.

The Fine Diner team meets with reputable restaurants around Dubai and explains this concept: we want your passionate chefs to cook for our customers, providing the chefs and their team a cooking passion outlet.

The chefs put together a 3-course dinner menu, then sends it to the Fine Diner team. The Fine Diner team then have a taster session to understand the menu and its components to put together a matching playlist before sharing it with the Fine Diners.

It’s over to the restaurant to then look after the food preparation and all it entails: sourcing, prepping, cooking, packaging, health & safety, and all the rest. The twist, everything is platted in Fine Diner plates with Fine Diner branding. So, the customer never really knows which restaurant the food comes from, allowing each restaurant chef to venture away from the menu they serve daily while maintaining the restaurant’s brand integrity.

Why fine dining?

Food Delivery
Fine Dining Taster Session

For many people, food has become a means to an end. It’s literally fuel on the go. There aren’t many people who take the time to enjoy their meals, and we found a way to allow people to re-live this enjoyment without adding to their daily tasks.

Fine Diner brings home a perfectly cooked 3-course dinner. All the customer has to do is let us know what they want to eat and when they want to eat it. Fine Diner takes care of the rest.

How can a restaurant service be brought home?

Brazilian Food Delivery
Fine Dining Brazilian Menu

The Fine Diner team acts like your waiter/waitress. They’re on call and making sure you have your every need cared for. You can always get ahold of a team member through Instagram, Facebook, or the website.

The team recommends a playlist for every menu, a movie for Thursday night, and advises you to get dressed and set the table because the best memories are made at the table. It’s Fine Dining, yes, but it’s Fine Dining your way!

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